My Review Policy

My blog is dedicated to mostly Young Adult novels.  I really enjoy reading any YA book genres so as not to limit myself.  I will read good Non-Fiction if it's catchy and interesting.  Fiction is my favorite, though.

I do have some favorite Adult Fiction authors that I like to throw in the mix once in a while.  I AM a Librarian, after all.

When I really think a book was awesome, I love to tell the world about it.  I really try to read a book even if it's slow starting, but if I don't get into it I will usually stop reading.  Life is too short and there are too many books!  I don't like to be mean in my reviews, as every reader is different.  Something I don't like might be someone's cup of tea.

Please feel free to contact me to review a book if you are an author or publisher and have read my guidelines.  I would also be happy to include giveaways on my blog.

Thanks for reading my review policy and visiting my blog!

Happy Reading,

Amy W.